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Design Visualizations (JPG)

Low fidelity image for design review, with 3-4 different angles of your product, captured and delivered as JPG.

Product Visualizations (PSD)

High fidelity image, with 3-4 different angles of your product, delivered as a PSD (Photoshop) with transparent background and color mask for easy color adjustments.


Before we can begin our collaboration we need to review the product that you want to visualize.
The level of difficulty depends on the level of details and is evaluated by the 3D-Artist.

Level of Difficulty

Level 1 is clothing with few details, examples of products are regular tights, compression tights, sports bra, long sleeves, t-shirts, shorts, capri etc.
Level 2 is clothing with much details, examples of these products are: shirts, pants, blouses, regular jackets etc.
Level 3 is clothing with very much details, examples of these products are, carpenter pants, snowboard Jackets etc.

Project Files

Every 3D-visualizaton project begins with a a start-up fee that cover the set-up of the project files.
The project files are reused when you order new visualization alternatives

To create the shapes of the digital mannequin is free of charge. We need some references of desired body type and posing. The mannequin is made in the first 3D-visualization project, are gender and body part specific and is reused in new projects with minor corrections.
We trace your manufacturers production pattern so you can visualize your products with precision and with the production pattern that you are used to.
In the set-up we are modeling the 3D-model with both the outer and the inside fabric, we are modeling details and placing the stitches and the seems. We are also placing the product in 3-4 different angles, creating the surfaces of the product and the adjusting lighting in the shot.

Visualization Alternatives

With this design process you can visualize your flat designs wrapped around a custom made 3D-model and streamline your product images.
With Design Visualization (JPG) you receive a low fidelity image for fast review of you designs.
With Product Visualization (PSD) you receive a high fidelity visualization with transparent background, shadow layer, every product in a separate layer and color mask for image adjustments.


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